Beth Orton

Beth Orton

Beth Orton filming "On the Friday Night" music video at the Old Carpet Factory.

Directed by Beth Orton @bethorton
Director of Photography: Anna Gudbrands @anna_icelanddop
Assisted by Sam Amidon @samamidon
Produced by Evelina Evangelia Stoltidou @evelinaegw

Thanks to Stephan Colloredo-Mansfeld at the Old Carpet Factory
Beth Orton: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano
Shahzad Ismaily: Moog, Electric Guitar, Bass
Jesse Chandler: Synth, Mellotron, Backing Vocals, Flute
Tom Herbert: Sounds Born of Bass
Tom Skinner: Drums
Additional Editing: Paul Corley

Beth Orton at the Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio on Hydra Island in Greece
Beth Orton by Ann Gudbrands at the Old Carpet Factory during the filming of the "Friday Night" music video..
"Friday Night" music video still
Beth Orton "Friday Night" music video still

I’ve been dreaming of Proust all in my bed
He speaks to me in my sleep
He takes me to the other side
With his madeleines and friends
When the sea comes in it’s hard to believe
It’ll ever go out again
Though we never do get too close
I still hold you now and then
On a Friday night
On a Friday night
There’s a stillness left after you leave
It’ll speak of what has been
When I’m laying in the dark awake
And I’m listening to the rain
Our sorrow made the city shine
We never had to feel that pain
Now those tears are prayers of empathy
Gonna wash me clean again
On a Friday night
On a Friday night
Forgot that we had bones
Forgot that we could feel
Forgot that we’d wake up
And it’d all be real
It’d still be real
We’d been waiting for the light to change
We’d been waiting on a friend
And the only choice that was left to us
Was to bleed or rust in the rain
Now the measure of your absence
Is the presence that you leave
And darling that’s where we put all the love
That we still have to give
On a Friday night
On a Friday night
Forgot that I had bones
Forgot that I could feel
Forgot that we’d wake up