Gorkem Sen

Gorkem Sen

Gorkem Sen the inventor of yaybahar and Ariel Kalma during the Nature Performance in Episkopi, Hydra curated by Margherita Chiarva.

Gorkem Sen, Yaybahar @yaybaharzen

Ariel Kalma @arielkalma

Margherita Chiarva @marghechi

Yaybahar - Patented Member of Spring Family Instrument Yaybahar provides melodic and polyphonic possibilities as an innovative Spring Family Instrument.

After the invention of yaybahar, the early versions of the instrument have been refined throughout consistent research

and development processes since 2009. As the inventor of this instrument, I have been passionately curious about how yaybahar would look like and sound like after its evolution would be completed.

Yaybahar is a unique instrument. The uniqueness of yaybahar is based on the innovative bridging system made of springs between the body and strings of the instrument. The springs in the bridge system co-exist and co-vibrate with the strings
and the membranes of the drums. The springs in relation to strings and the membranes create unusual audio experiences that have never made possible in other musical instruments.


Gorkem Sen Yaybahar
Ariel Kalma Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio in Greece
Ekaterina Juskowski. HydraMargherita Chiarva by Ekaterina JuskowskiOld Carpet Factory Recording Studio in GreeceGorkem Sen Yaybahar
Hydra by Ekaterina JuskowskiOld Carpet Factory Recording Studio in GreeceOld Carpet Factory Recording Studio in Greece
Gorkem Sen Yaybahar
Photography by Ekaterina Juskowski @juskowski