Mnemosyne Projects book Old Carpet Factory

Mnemosyne Projects Book

Mnemosyne Projects Book

Mnemosyne Projects book to accompany "The Warp of Time" site - specific art exhibition at the Old Carpet Factory historical mansion ( June 17 to September 8, 2024)

The limited-edition art book is available for sale at the Old Carpet Factory. No shipping is available at the moment.

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Mnemosyne Projects book about Old Carpet Factory

Mnemosyne Projects @mnemosyneprojects

Curator: Ekaterina Juskowski

Publisher: Megan Wray Schertler

Creative Direction: Evgeny Krasnoshlykov

Design: Ibeji Co


Ekaterina Juskowski with contributions by Arturo and Bamboo, Margherita Chiarva, Bill Georgoussis, Lewis Lazar, Emma Louise, Makis Malafekas, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Francois Valenza

"The Warp of Time: Exploration of Cultural Memory, Place, and Artistic Expression" curatorial foreword  by Ekaterina Juskowski

Memory lives simultaneously in time and outside of time. Unlike history, memory lacks linearity and includes the act of forgetting. As our recollections alter every time we attempt to gather them, memory becomes a continuous creative process that fuses imaginary interpretation and historical reality, intertwines poetic and encyclopedic, and blurs the line between myth and reality.

Since Antiquity, memory and place have been inextricably connected in our minds. Ancient Greeks invented the art of memory, which taught how to use architectural spaces to map images and text to aid orators in recollecting their speeches. Because memories are never free-floating, they attach themselves to places turning some of them into the “sites of memory”where the heritage of cultural communities gets crystallized. Philosophers, scientists, psychologists, and artists have written about the importance of memory in understanding the self, going as far as calling it a “pillar of our identity.” Thanks to human creativity, our personal and collective identity persists against the destruction of memory in times of war, political conflict, and radical social shifts. When people die, buildings crumple, societies change, artworks left behind turn into memorials of human skill, emotion, and values.

The narrative thread of this book doesn’t stretch in a straight line.  By mixing history and memory, it distances itself from the chronological retelling of events with contemporary artists, writers, poets, and musicians creating a dialogue with history through their collective selective memory. Staged at the Old Carpet Factory, a historical mansion on Hydra Island, the accompanying exhibition invites the viewer to navigate through the past, remembered, forgotten, and imagined, presenting a warped historiography of the place.

Printed in Italy by Faenza Printing SpA

Handbound with slipcase 

Exhibition Edition Cover: Art Rug Projects x Helen Marden

Limited edition, 250 copies

Mnemosyne Projects Cover: Margherita Chiarva

Guest Book Contributors: 

Galen Ayers, Andre Baum, Malgosia Bela, Mykki Blanco, Simon Buret, Clara Cebrian, Phil Diamond, Mia Elisabeth, Chet Faker, Solomon Fox, Josh Hickey, Good Morning, Ariel Kalma, Cate LeBon, Honey Long, Emma Louise, Makis Malafekas, Stella Mozgawa, Michael McGregor, Kane Ritchotte, Pawel Pawlikowski, Jonathan Rado, Marta Salogni, Gorkem Sen, Prue Stent, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Gyda Valtysdottir, Savina Yannatou.