100 Years of the Old Carpet Factory
The name of the Old Carpet Factory is connected to the history of Greece and to the cultural heritage of Hydra since 100 years ago the mansion served as a carpet weaving factory under the patronage of a famed Anatolian carpet expert Nicholas Soutzoglou.
Soutzoglou Carpets at the Old Carpet Factory on Hydra Island
Hydra with the Old Carpet Factory seen in the top left corner. The photograph was taken during the time the mansion served as a carpet factory. © Historical Archives Museum of Hydra

Nicholas Soutzoglou

In 1920 a prominent carpet manufacturer Nicholas Soutzoglou has to leave his home in Esparta, one of many Greek communities of Asia Minor. Having lost everything in the course of the Greek-Turkish War he travels to Greece with an unbroken spirit and an intention to start his life and business anew.  He sets up the first carpet factory in 1922 in Spetses and another one in 1924 in Hydra in an abandoned mansion built for a distinguished naval officer at the end of the 18th century. 

Nicholas Soutzoglou the founder of Soutzoglou Carpets
Nicholas Soutzoglou. © Soutzoglou Carpets

Soutzoglou Carpet Factory on Hydra

Soutzoglou Carpets maintains its production on the island for over 50 years. Throughout the decades, the factory plays a vital role in reducing unemployment among women on Hydra by providing them with an opportunity to learn the art of weaving from Asia Minor refugees who relocated to Greece. As a result, Hydriot women, previously reliant on income earned by men, begin supplementing their family's earnings by weaving carpets for Soutzoglou. The significance of their work becomes even more pronounced during World War II, when all commercial activities and production on the island come to a halt.


Woman weaving a Soutzoglou carpet on Hydra © Phaedra Hotel Hydra
A Hydriot woman weaving a carpet for Soutzoglou © Phaedra Hotel Hydra
Stephan Colloredo Mansfeld by Sasha Jaeger
Stephan Colloredo-Mansfeld  at the Old Carpet Factory © Sasha Jaeger


Stephan Colloredo-Mansfeld

In 1976 Kristina Colloredo-Mansfeld acquires the property on Hydra to use as a private residence.  Born in Athens the same year, Stephan Colloredo-Mansfeld grows up on the island becoming the only true Hydriot in his family. 


Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio

Stephan Colloredo-Mansfeld  assumes ownership of the estate. Inspired by his childhood on the island and guided by his love for music he  converts part of the mansion into a cutting-edge music recording studio. Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio  gains international acclaim for its unconventional setting in a remote location, unique acoustics, its extensive list of cult vintage and rare analogue gear.

Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio in Greece
Sebastien Tellier and Mind Gamers at the Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio © Francois Valenza


Art Residency at the Old Carpet Factory

In 2019, curator and photographer Ekaterina Juskowski joins the project and launches the Art Residency at the Old Carpet Factory with the primary objective to promote and document the rich cultural heritage of Hydra. Going beyond its initial purpose, the Art Residency at the Old Carpet Factory also encompasses site-specific commissions that aim to expand the art collection of the estate. Furthermore, the residency project actively engages the local community through the #LiveatOCF performances offered free of charge to the island residents and visitors, fostering a sense of inclusivity through shared artistic experiences.

Holly Biorklund at the Old Carpet Factory Art Residency
Holly Biorklund during her art residency at the Old Carpet Factory. © Ekaterina Juskowski
Kyriakos Soutzoglou and Electra Soutzoglou © Ekaterina Juskowski
Kyriakos and Electra Soutzoglou © Ekaterina Juskowski

Soutzoglou Carpets

Today, Soutzoglou is a respected name in the international carpet world, with the third generation of the family at the helm. The company operates from its showroom in the centre of Athens in Kolonaki and specializes in both antique and modern handmade carpets and textiles. Some of Greece’s finest homes, including the Maximos Presidential Mansion, are adorned with their handmade rugs. 

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"The Warp of Time" Art Exhibition

To celebrate 100 years of their shared history Old Carpet Factory Recording Studio and Soutzoglou Carpets will host a site-specific exhibition featuring carpets weaved at the mansion a century ago presented alongside works by contemporary artists. The exhibition will open in June, 2024 during Deste weekend.

The Time Warp Art Exhibition at the Old Carpet Factory Press Release
A detail of an Anatolian loom installed in a house of a Hydriot weaver who worked for Soutzoglou family  © Ekaterina Juskowski